We want to help you get your Succeed Faster tuition paid for by a sponsor.

Here’s how it goes down.

Step 1:

Drive a stake in the ground and DECIDE you are GOING to Succeed Faster 2014. Fill out our “Stake in the Ground” form and commemorate your commitment! Once you do, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you get funded.

Step 2:

Put another stake in the ground and REGISTER for Succeed Faster 2014! (You’ve got a lot of stakes in the ground now!).

Step 3:

Find a Professor Advocate. Email an influential professor that you are close with that has been at the school for a while. Ask them if they know the person who handles funding. Alternatively, if you already know who handles funding, have the professor reach out for you. Sometimes, there will be an official form to fill out, sometimes not. Just ask the questions and see what happens. (click here for an example email to send to your professor).

Step 4:

Find the funding source at your school. See step 3 for getting your professor-advocate to help you find this. Other options are making calls to the dean of your school or calling the financial aid office. Be respectful, but be aggressive. Funds exist in most schools just for this type of career training

Step 5:

Request a letter of recommendation from the same Professor-Advocate. (click here for an example letter of recommendation and cover letter to send)

Step 6:

Write a personal statement about your contributions to your school thus far, how you think you will benefit from SF and how you will bring the benefits back to your University. (click here for an example letter)

Step 7:

Get a recommendation letter from someone who has attended (founded) SF to show how they believe you would benefit from the conference. (click here to request your personalized letter from a SF founder)

Step 8:

Create a detailed cost break-down with accurate estimates of the flight, hotel, registration fee, food, taxis, etc. (click here for an cost estimate template)

Step 9:

Send all this along with a note to the contact your Professor-Advocate recommends. (click here for an example letter)

Step 10:

Sit back, and get funded! (in reality, you’re a MASHER, so you’re going to manage this process, right?!?!


If you have questions or hiccups along the way, reach out to She’s a funding maven and will help keep you on track to getting your SF experience FUNDED!

You can also ask parents, family, friends to help fund your future – show them why attending Succeed Faster is so important to you and I am sure you will bring in some funding. . . remember to think positive!