Final Application Cover Letter



To Whom It May Concern, (USE PROPER NAME)

Please find enclosed my application for financial aid,

The purpose of this application is to request support in my attendance of Succeed Faster 2014. At this event, hosted in Chicago on July 25, 26 and 27, I expect to experience:

  • Powerful networking with like-minded college students
  • Training on innovation, success mindset and dream planning
  • Mentorship toward my educational goals
  • Career training and encouragement

In addition, I have a strong desire to bring these skills and learning back to campus as a leader by encouraging these skills in others upon my return.

Enclosed you will find:

  • My formal application (if required)
  • A description of the Succeed Faster event
  • A personal statement of goals
  • A letter of recommendation from professor XXXXXX
  • A letter of recommendation from event founder XXXXX
  • A letter of support from XXXXX (if you have one)
  • A detailed cost estimate for the event

I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this financial aid and I am committed to the professional and personal growth that this event promises to provide.  To this end, I am requesting that you approve my application and award me financial aid in the amount of XXXXX to fund my Succeed Faster training.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I can be reached at (PHONE NUMBER) or (EMAIL ADDRESS) with any questions.

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School, Department, Major
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