Tim Augustine, co-founder of Succeed Faster, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and owner of Atwell LLC, an international land development consulting and construction company. He is also the Co-founder of People Strategies, LLC and DSP Startup, and has authored multiple books focused on career development including his most recent book, recognized in the Top 100 Best Career Books of All Time by Career Magazine titled: “How Hard Are You Knocking? Landing a Job in a Rebounding Economy.”

What is career success? Is it the person who makes the most money, secures the corner office or builds a life long journey of impacting people and making a difference? What will be your legacy? During this session we will explore the traits of the most successful, the common characteristics of people who Succeed Faster. Succeeding faster is not about a “Get rich quick strategy” rather a deliberate building of knowledge and execution and the ability to leverage ones passion and personal network that will build your successful legacy.




Never again will you find yourself in frustration uttering the words – “I have to find a job.” Adam decided at age 27 that working for someone else just wasn’t for him. It wasn’t an inability to get along, but an ability to see opportunity where others saw challenge. As a group, we’ll get to flex our collective entrepreneurial muscle and uncover how to accomplish anything you’ve ever wanted.

The session is about getting your mind right when it comes to you not only making a solid living, but building an even more solid life. You’ll see why and how he’s leveraged “the adjacent possible” to make everything that’s EVER happened to him work in his favor.

Get ready for Adam to ROCK YOUR WORLD!


Mitch Matthews is a leading authority on innovative thinking, human performance and goal achievement. But he’s probably best known simply as… “The big dream guy.”

This is due in part to his passion for inspiring people to think about their big dreams and put a plan in place to achieve them. And… partly because of his own big dream of helping to launch one million big dreams in his lifetime. Mitch has spoken at conferences and on college campuses around the country. Plus, he’s worked with leaders and teams from organizations like NASA, Disney, Pioneer, Blue Cross / Blue Shield and the Principal Financial Group. Mitch also works one-on-one with leaders as an Elite Executive Coach. Plus, he has created a business-coach training program that has been utilized around the globe.

In 2006, Mitch and his wife started something called the BIG Dream Gathering. These events have helped thousands of people to dream bigger and, in many cases, get the boost they needed to get their big dreams accomplished. Most importantly, Mitch lives in West Des Moines with his wife Melissa and their two sons. And for those animal lovers… the Matthews also currently have 1 dog, 1 “stealth cat,” 8 fish and a snail named “Steve Dangerous.” You can find out more about Mitch at








Cara is one of the top Motivational and Prevention speakers in the world. Cara’s programs, videos, products, coaching, and media appearances have directly reached more than 2 million students, in over 2000 presentations, in 5 countries. Cara is the founder of the Drive To Save Lives Tour, a hand- selected group of high impact, prevention speakers and the founder of the iSPOKE UP campaign.



Antonio is an award-winning business journalist, author, writer and consultant. Antonio was the co-hosting Nickelodeon’s hit television show, “U-Pick Live” as well as a correspondent, host and producer with top networks including NBC, PBS, BET, E! News, Nickelodeon, The Onion and News Network. He has interviewed and profiled top entrepreneurs including Steve Case, Tony Hsieh, and Brad Feld. His business articles regularly appear in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSN Money, and Fox Business.

Antonio is founder of the strategic consultancy THINQACTION where he works with top entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives. Neves is also co-founder of the international accelerator The Ignition Lab and is currently the coach-in-residence for Entrepreneur Magazine’s, Young Entrepreneur.

A former NCAA Division I student-athlete, Neves is also the author of Student Athlete 101: College Life Made Easy On And Off The Field. Neves is a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds a Master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.



Where do you want to work in 5 years? Chris Motley is the Founder and CEO of Better Weekdays, a software platform that guides you through a self-assessment to identify your perfect cultural fit.


Chris will guide you through your career self-assessment to help you leverage your unique strengths and match them to your ideal work environment.


Tom Weber is an unlikely mixture of serious business and irrepressible fun. He takes his business (and yours) very seriously and he has a blast doing it.

Tom got an early start building his own business selling books door-to-door. He was breaking sales records, recruiting and leading award winning teams while still in college. Out of school he took a turn selling for a tech startup in 2000 before getting on board with Freedom Personal Development in 2001. Tom is the founder of Memory Training for Professionals program which helps leaders improve their memory skills.

Learn how to remember names, presentations, lists, reading material, vocabulary, and numbers. In this session, you will improve your memory and the results will show: